Coffee Tumbuka

Coffee artisan

Tumbuka, meaning to sprout in the Shona language , was born from a special time spent on our family coffee farm in Zimbabwe as a young adult.

The idea behind this small coffee roastery was to integrate my business with my family life to have a healthy balance between professional and personal time.
Ideally, I would love to travel to each and every farm to select the coffee I sell myself, but that would require time and resources I simply don’t have! When I am not roasting, I dedicate a lot of time to sourcing new coffees for the small but varied palette I like to offer. It is vitally important that I work with suppliers sympathetic to the Fair Trade ethos.

I roast on a Giesen 6kg gas roaster, and one thing I enjoy is the challenge of varying the roasting process to suit each coffee depending on its origin. I still roast the traditional way using my senses and you certainly have to be on your toes!

The roastery is everyone’s favourite spot, I don’t know if it’s the gentle tones of jazz, the delicious and enticing aromas, or the opportunity of sipping a flat white or espresso but family and friends love congregating there. Along with our cats and dogs, you will frequently find our chickens settled outside too!