Donald J. Trump Library Design Unveiled

A team of professional architects, designers and writers have launched, which features a potential reading of the design and exhibits planned for the 45th president’s library and museum.

“It is the opinion of this project team that architecture is often in service to those in power, but it is rarely in service to our true civic ideals and aspirations,” said the project’s lead architect, who is based in Trump’s longtime hometown of New York City. “In an attempt to steer the political conversation towards what needs to happen at the end of this dark period in American History, we have attempted to render the Trump Presidential Library not in gold and glass, but rather in the materials reminiscent of the crumbling of our civic institutions and American ideals.”

“From abetting the rise of white nationalism to selling out our strategic allies, the Trump Administration has functioned as a stark rebuttal to any remaining concept of American Exceptionalism,” he continued.

The website was designed while many members of the project team were in quarantine due to concerns about the global coronavirus pandemic. Its focus is on making a final argument summarizing the reasons American voters should not award a second term to the most criminal and ineffective President that most Americans will ever know.

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